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Pro Account

The clock doesn’t start ticking until we exit beta.

  • Archive Access

    FTW Pro gives you access to your entire game save history so you can revert to any particular point in time for any FTW enabled title. What!? I know, right?

  • Support FTW

    Wanna help us keep moving the gaming industry into the future? Signing up for a Pro account means you’re helping us keep the lights on. We need you to make this sucker work.

    Plus, who doesn’t love a sweet Pro badge on their account?

  • Beta Features

    We also have a ton of sweet stuff in the pipeline like notifications for when your friends are playing & you get to be the first to have access to it. Don’t even play like you don’t love being first in line.

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Coming soon!

Standard Features

  • Log In Once

    “I love logging into multiple services as soon as I start to play a new game I just downloaded.”
    — No one, ever. With FTW, you log in once per device and you’re done.

  • Resolve Conflicts

    So maybe you manage to create a conflict. It’s no big! Calm down. We can merge your saves without you even noticing. In cases when we can’t, we intelligently select one for you.

  • Manage Devices

    Lost your phone? Bummer! At least you can disable that device on your FTW account to prevent someone else from playing your saves & you don’t have to start over when you get your new phone!