About Team FTW

  • Mark Burstiner Founder

    Mark Burstiner


    Mark is a punk kid from Jersey. This is his first company thing.

  • Soroush Khanlou CTO

    Soroush Khanlou


    A native Texan transplanted to NYC by way of Pittsburgh, Soroush is obsessed with elegant code, and is never done learning, which makes him a great CTO. He’s also a fancy Bioengineer.

  • Creative Director

    Tyler Galpin


    Tyler from Toronto is a designer’s designer. His work is never finished, but always spectacular. As our Creative Director, he’s responsible for the pretty pixels you see.

  • Engineer

    Dustin Horton


    When it comes to the front-end, Dustin simply does not play around. Dustin’s work is so good that you’re constantly asking yourself: <fry> Not sure if .html or .psd. </fry>

  • William Bell

    William Bell

    Will is a 10+ year veteran of the gaming industry. He’s also our only team member in the UK. His skillset is incredibly broad and he doesn’t eat dinner, he has tea.

  • Dan Petrikin

    Dan Petrikin

    Philadelphians don’t beat around the bush, and Dan is no exception. He’s a straight shooter even when he’s shooting from the hip. If you’re a bug, in his sights are the last place you want to be.

Want to work for FTW?


No positions currently open, but if you think you’d be an amazing addition to the team give us a shout.